Sunday Sweat

Dear Friends,

We are moving Sunday Sweat online so we can stay connected and continue to dance during these truly extraordinarily times.

Dear Sunday Sweat tribe,

As you may be aware, we have moved our class online for the foreseeable future.  You can join us via zoom every Sunday from the comfort of your own home by clicking on the following link to buy tickets for every Sunday up until the end of July.  We will confirm August dates closer to the time.

You can book your tickets by following this link.

We begin class at 6pm and will dance until 7.30pm.
We will open up the class a few minutes early to go through the tech with those of you who are new to zoom software.

To participate fully in Sunday Sweat online, there are a few things you will need to do before class:

  • Make sure you have a device (ideally a computer or else a phone) that will work well for class. A desk/laptop computer or tablet, ideally with external speakers or wireless earbuds. (If you don’t have external speakers or earbuds, your device’s speakers will work ok, the audio will just be more limited.)
  • Your device should have a microphone and camera. The built-in ones are ok.  We will ask everyone to keep their camera on to enable this so that we are able to feel more connected.  This may feel strange to those not used to it but it is amazing how quickly we can get used to this!  If you have issues with wifi/tech that prevents you having your camera on, please drop a note in the group chat to let everyone else in the group know.
  • Download Zoom onto your device. Instructions:
  • Choose and set up a dancing space for yourself – somewhere you will feel comfortable moving uninterrupted for our time together. Arrange the space to be calming and welcoming for you.
  • We will open the zoom room around 15 minutes before class starts so you can ‘arrive’ and adjust to being on a screen and technical assistance will be available to help any of you unfamiliar with zoom to get up to speed with the technical details.  You can also watch this video to learn some tips prior to class.
  • There will be an agreement not to screen shot or in any way record each other.
  • Please plan to stay present and participating for the full session.
  • There is a tiered system in terms of payment which you can do via paypal or ‘offline’ bank transfer – there are free tickets for NHS/key workers and those who really can’t afford to pay anything at this time.

Please book via